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Individual Tax Services

Daniels Group CPA, PLC offers our individual clients a variety of services.  Certainly, at the top of this list is the preparation of 1040 tax returns.  However, unlike many tax return preparation offices, our services go much deeper.  Here at Daniels Group CPA, PLC we understand the intricate workings of tax law and what that means for average taxpaying citizens.  Some 1040 tax return issues that are regularly filed incorrectly by professional tax return preparers include college tuition deductions and credits, dependency exemptions, mortgage and real estate tax deductions, alimony, stock sales, HSA and IRA contributions, and state tax refunds (to name a few).

We also specialize in international tax issues, especially as it relates to our Canadian neighbors.  The United States has a very unique tax philosophy, and citizens living abroad need the assistance of a tax professional familiar with United States tax law.  Additionally, US citizens with foreign bank accounts have additional tax reporting obligations above and beyond their 1040 tax return that they may not be aware of.  Let us help.