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    Managing your personal or business taxes and finances is more affordable than you think and something a professional should handle.

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Services for Businesses

Too often we see business owners, who are excellent at what they do, fail in the tax and accounting area of their businesses.  It is important that business owners, regardless the size, use a professional to quarterback their business ventures.  Let us be that quarterback.

We have helped businesses as small as $30,000 a year in gross revenue and as large as $17,000,000 a year in gross revenue maintain their course.  These entrepreneurs see the tax and accounting aspect of their business as something foreign, difficult, or not part of their individual skill set.

Our service level runs from one-time advice and consultation, to annual tax planning, and all the way up to a part-time Chief Financial Officer (CFO) relationship.  We assist our clients with tax return preparation, payroll tax returns and reporting, periodic financial statement preparation for internal use or for interested third parties (bank, government agencies, etc.), general advice and counsel, and business succession planning to name a few.  We will also help you get your business up and off the ground by filing the appropriate paperwork with the IRS and state in which you are operating.